KEPAMID-PA6 is one of the thermoplastic engineering plastics produced by Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd

KEPAMID 6 molecular structure and polymerization

Polyamide 6 has an amide bond (NHCO) of polyamide and it's polymerized with caprolactam by ring opening reaction.

KEPAMID Polyamide 6 resin characteristics

  1. 1Good mechanical properties
  2. 2Good thermal property and offers long term heat resistance between 80℃ -and 140℃
  3. 3Good chemical resistance and oil resistance
  4. 4Good injection molding properties
  5. 5Various GF reinforced grades from 15% to 45%
  6. 6Self-extinguishing property and flame retardant grades are UL94 V-0 rate.
  7. 7Good friction and wear properties
  8. 8Relatively high moisture absorption rate
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