KEP has presented new ideas
through continuous challenges,
research and development
for the best products.

KEP R&D is a research and development group with the world’s highest level of competitiveness in the engineering plastic field through the development of high-performance, innovative and market-leading products.

KEP R&D strives to develop high value-added, high-performance and differentiated new products of various engineering plastics including PA, PBT and PET along with cutting-edge technologies related to the polymerization and the stabilization of polyacetal resins, our main products.

In addition, KEP emphasizes the research and the development of high-performance new products which contain improved and enhanced features such as electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, and scratch and abrasion resistance based on high-performance plastics such as PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) for auto-centered IT equipment and aromatic polyamides (PPA and PA-MXD6) for a core material absolutely necessary for the future growth industry. (semiconductors and display)

Every researcher has done his or her absolute best to make KEP R&D be a research institute which provides value above and beyond customer expectations through continuous innovation and the development of market-leading products driven by their ardent passion and peerless courage.

Research Field
Base technologies Polymerization, catalyst, polymer processing such as injection and extrusion, evaluation technologies
Polymeric substances Engineering plastics such as POM, PA6, PA66, PA12, transparent PA, PBT and PET and high-performance plastics such as PEEK, PPA, PA-MXD6, PPS and LCP
High-performance new materials Functional polymers such as conductivity, eco-friendly polymers, nano-materials and others
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