Our Korea Engineering Plastics logo symbolizes our core values. It is designed around the abbreviation of our company - KEP - and our brand promise - “for a better future”, which clearly states our commitment to creating a much better future for our employees, our customers, our global neighbors and the earth.

CI Introduce

The constellation of three progressively larger circles represents the three levels of our connection to the world: Our products, our customers, and our community. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is softly exhibited by the dominance of green overlapping the blue in KEP.

Color system
  • C100 M75 Y5 K0
    R0 G84 B159
  • C50 M0 Y92 K0
    R140 G199 B77
  • C80 M0 Y70 K0
    R0 G175 B125
  • C70 M0 Y35 K0
    R45 G189 B182
  • C0 M0 Y0 K100
    R35 G31 B32
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