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Korea Engineering Plastics (KEP) believes that Sustainable Management can help provide a “Better Future” for society, while increasing our stewardship of the environment and growing the economy. As a result, KEP adopted a code of ethical management conduct for executives and their staff members in 2003.

Korea Engineering Plastics (KEP) believes in a corporate management philosophy of “Sustainable Management”. This policy has three core values: 1) a commitment to high quality processes and products 2) a focus on environmental stewardship and 3) a desire to maximize our human capital in terms of health and human safety. This corporate philosophy informs our motto “For a Better Future”, as we continuously work with our customers and stakeholders to help deliver a better future for humankind. By following our core values we aim to generate healthy growth for the company.

Through continuous innovation and new value creation, KEP will be the premier chemical company providing humanity with solutions for a better future.

The code of Ethical Management Conduct for executives and staff
  1. 1. Objectives of ethical management
    • - Maximize shareholder value through the implementation of effective, well defined management policies and
    • - Maximize employee effectiveness and morale through rational managerial practices and proper occupational ethics.
    • - Maximize our value to society by taking action to improve the lives of others.
  2. 2. Performance of transparent and fair job duties
    • - Treat all customers without discrimination and perform accurate and transparent duties
    • - Treat all customers with respect and conduct business in an ethical manner.
    • - Do not follow unreasonable directions which impede justice
    • - Obey all corporate, governmental and ethical laws and regulations
    • - Treat all people ethically and fairly, accord them the respect they deserve as fellow human beings.
  3. 3. Maintenance of proper ethical relationship with our vendors
    • - No misconduct such as the giving or taking of bribes, cash loans, negative directions, wrongful placement, requests
        and preferential treatment will be tolerated
    • - To avoid the appearance of impropriety, the acceptance of gifts or entertainment exceeding normal and customary
        levels will not be permitted
  • Quality Policy

    The goal of our Quality Policy is to meet, or exceed, customer expectations by providing “high value” products and services.

    KEP develops high quality, high value products and services through the on-going technological innovation and continuous improvement of our quality management systems.

  • Environment Policy

    KEP contributes to a sustainable environment through conservation, emission controls, clean technologies and the elimination of risk factors.

    1. 1. KEP believes in being an environmental management leader
    2. 2. KEP believes in meeting or exceeding all appropriate governmental health and human safety regulations
    3. 3. Continuous environmental improvement and emission controls help contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.
    4. 4. Conservation and recycling help save and repurpose valuable resources
  • Safety and Health Policy

    Safety and health are top priorities in our management system. We focus our decision-making on the entire process in order to create a safe and pleasant work environment. Through employee training and safe workplace processes and procedures, we continually strive to reach our goal of zero defects and zero injuries.

    1. 1. Minimizing the exposure of harmful chemicals
    2. 2. Complying laws and regulations related to safety and health
    3. 3. Carrying out continuous improvement activities
    4. 4. Clarifying the safety and health management
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