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New Grades
titleKEPITAL MX25LF01 Introduction date2016-12-06

* KEPITAL MX25LF01 Introduction


KEPITAL MX25LF01 adds a special type of silicone and has a very high level of friction and wear resistance.

It exhibits a tremendous reduction of friction and wear properties while in contact with POM or other resins under load.

KEPITAL MX25LF01 has passed the biocompatibility assessments ISO 10993-5 and USP Class 6. As such,

it is suitable for medical device parts when friction and wear resistance required without sacrificing mechanical properties

compared to the standard medical grade.


(1) Good mechanical properties

(2) Good sliding performance

(3) Excellent long-term dimensional stability

(4) High resistance to chemicals

(5) Low tendency for creep and fatigue

(6) Food contact compliance to FDA & 10/2011 EC

(7) Passed ISO 10993-5 & USP Class 6


* Please refer to attached file below.

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