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titleKEPITAL H100 Homopolymer Introduction date2016-10-18

* KEPITAL H100 Homopolymer Introduction


1. General Information

   (1) KEPITAL H100 is a new polyacetal homopolymer developed through long-term research and

        development by Korea Engineering Plastics., Inc. (KEP)

   (2) KEPITAL H100 exhibits better wear resistance, creep resistance, and fatigue resistance

        properties as it was created through our own proprietary technologies.

   (3) In addition, considering mechanical properties, KEPITAL H100 exhibits similar properties and

        better window process when compared to our competitor`s homopolymer.

  (4) KEPITAL H100 can be applied to various fields such as gears, bushing, housing, roller, and

       conveyor belts.


2. Characteristics

  (1) High viscosity and unfilled acetal homopolymer

  (2) High mechanical strength and stiffness without the need for filler reinforcements, or modifications

  (3) Toughness, high impact strength, and high elongation without the need for impact modifiers

  (4) High gear tooth strength

  (5) Improved friction and wear performance versus common steel compare to the other acetal


  (6) Outstanding creep resistance and long-term fatigue endurance versus the other acetal



* Please refer to attached file below.

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