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New Grades
titleKEPEX(PBT) 3300CU MA (Metallic grade) date2016-04-05

 * KEPEX(PBT) 3300CU MA (Metallic grade)


1. Characteristics

  (1) KEPEX® 3300CU MA is a PBT resin that has metallic-sensitive quality.

  (2) KEPEX® 3300CU MA can realize excellent surface and high gloss of the product

          while retaining the normal properties of PBT.

  (3) KEPEX® 3300CU MA can replace existing plated products and painted products which can reduce cost by

           decreasing process and error rates.

  (4) Products can be manufactured with a normal injection molder, and the material has excellent

           injection moldability.


2. General Properties

3. Key Points

4. Standard Molding Conditions

5. Applications


* Please refer to attached file below.


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