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New Grades
titleKEPEX(PBT) 3300C grade date2016-04-05

* KEPEX(PBT) 3300C grade


1. Summary

   (1) KEPEX® 3300C is an unfilled PBT grade suitable for high-gloss material for automotive head lamps.

   (2) Automotive head lamp bezels are divided into the aluminum metalized type and non-metalized type.

          KEPEX® 3300C can be used regardless of metalizing.

   (3) KEPEX® 3300C has characteristics as follows:

       1) Low fogging

       2) Superior surface property

       3) Excellent metalizing property

       4) Excellent chemical resistance property

       5) Low mold deposit

       6) Excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance properties

       7) OEM approval : MS 216-03, GMP.PBT.037

2. Characteristics

3. General Properties

4. Standard Molding Conditions


* Please refer to attached file below.


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