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New Grades

New Grades
titleKEPITAL ST-series (extremely high impact grades) date2015-08-19

* KEPITAL ST-series (extremely high impact grades)


1. Characteristics

KEPITAL® has outstanding properties due to its linear molecular structure[(-CH2-O-)(-CH2-CH2O-)]

and a high crystallinity(65%).

KEPITAL® has excellent fatigue and creep resistance, and is less affected by fuel and as

such is widely used in fuel components.

Hardness can be understood to mean inflexible and relatively low impact strength.

KEPITAL® ST-30, ST-50, ST-70 are specialized products regarding flexibility and toughness

with extremely enhanced impact strength while retaining the basic properties of KEPITAL®.

KEPITAL® ST-series are useful for parts which require high impact resistance such as toys,

reduced impact noise, and superior friction resistance and impact strength such as gears.


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