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New Grades

New Grades
titleKEPITAL TE-22S, TE-23S (High impact & weld property improved grade) date2015-08-19

* Introduction of KEPITAL TE-22S, TE-23S (High impact and weld property improrved grade)


1. Characteristics

KEPITAL® has outstanding mechanical properties which are basic in plastic materials and

with the highest fatigue resistance and resistance to creep, it shows superior ability

in the field affected by loadings and vibrations.

In addition, by significantly improving impact properties, KEPITAL® TE grade which can

endure impact from inside and outside is produced.

KEP has developed KEPITAL® TE-22S, 23S by balancing mechanical properties and

impact properties and improving weld-lines, through dedicated research and development

with the goal of satisfying customers.

It is expected that KEPITAL® TE-22S, 23S will solve the problems resulting from design limitations.

In the various fields of automobiles, electronic instruments, and general industry,

KEPITAL® TE-22S, 23S is expected to play a leading role in successful development

and satisfactory results.


* Please refer to attached file below

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