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-(CH2-O)n-(CH2-CH20)m   KEPITAL

KEPITAL, a copolymer having - [C-C] bonds, is a type of crystallized resin with the formula of -(CH2-O)n-(CH2-CH20)m-

Properties of KEPITAL

KEPITAL has the following unique properties as an acetal copolymer already well-known

Below are the general characteristics of KEPITAL as Acetal Copolymer
  1. 1Fatigue resistance
  2. 2Resistance to creep
  3. 3Resistance to friction and wear
  4. 4Wide range of working temperature
  5. 5High tolerance to organic chemicals and alkalis
  6. 6Long-term dimensional stability
  7. 7Better thermal stability and stronger resistance to alkalis than Acetal Homopolymer
KEPITAL has its own distinctive features of the followings.
  1. 1KEPITAL offers excellent thermal stability at molding.
  2. 2KEPITAL exhibits better flow enabling high speed production.
  3. 3KEPITAL ensures low deposit on the mold surface during processing.
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