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titleKEP’s POM, Selected as World Class Product of Korea date2012-12-13

KEP’s POM, Selected as World Class Product of Korea

The First in POM industry in Korea, leading Acetal market


POM (Polyacetal) resin 'Kepital' of Korea Engineering Plastics with President Chong-Won Chin is certified as World Class Product of Korea by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.


At the ceremony held at COEX in Dec. 10, 2012, Kepital was selected as the nation's first World Class Product polyacetal.


Kepital is POM resin in a form of copolymer and has well balanced physical and mechanical properties with a good combination of highly crystalline and thermally stable structure.  Additionally, it provides not only excellent mechanical and physical properties but also resistance to various chemicals and a wide processing window. Thus, it has been widely used in products such as automobile, electronics, industrial machinery, construction materials, and consumer goods, etc.


World Class Product of Korea is an official certification of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in order to promote export leading products in the domestic market, and it is given to products ranking 5th or better in the world market and having 5% of world market share or more.


Meanwhile, in 2012, 39 companies were selected as producers of World Class Product of Korea, 54 businesses were chosen as producers of Next Generation World Class Product of Korea.


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