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titleKEP, awarded 'Best Family Friendly Management' Certification date2013-12-09

Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. at the Best Family Friendly Management ceremony on the 9th in 2013 organized by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family was certified Family-Friendly company. Family-friendly certified company has a practice of competition and ceremony attended by President Park Geun-hye with her opening remarks, and Minister of Gender Equality & Family, Ms. Jo awarded the certificate directly.


'Family-friendly certification' work and family life is a blend of workers to meet the needs of the family-friendly operations in a model system for enterprises and institutions granting certificates through the screening system is selected each year from the year 2008 a total of where 288 were selected. Large companies, including Korea Engineering Plastics is a 87 place. △Details of family-friendly system running authentication △satisfaction related to family-friendly management and △ evaluate implementation of the operational requirements of the enterprise is given to meet the standards.


Korea Engineering Plastics is a family-friendly last June to apply for a certification authority audit through a written examination on September 3 Lim, staff interviews, staff satisfaction, women have received a visit from the Ministry. In particular, the program for health care workers in progress, and the payment of vacation pay raise satisfaction, etc. Leisure employees balance work and family to actively promote the harmonious point, from kindergarten through middle and high school, college tuition for children up to the staff best practices, such as a point of support was evaluated.



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