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titleKEP, awarded 'The 20th Corporate Innovation Award' by Prime Minister date2013-11-26
Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the normal, co-hosted by the JoongAng Ilbo 20th July enterprises participating in the Innovation Award applications will be accepted through the documents, on-site screening, general location was selected 18 innovative companies. After the first Awards in 1994 to more than 220 companies so far this year in recognition of innovation award.
November 26th international conference held in Seoul, Korea Chamber of Commerce President's Award ceremony on eseon Huchems and Janice World, the Prime Minister on the three I & C, Korea Engineering Plastics Asia, Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company, was selected seed. Minister of Industry and Energy of the normal KDB Securities, Valeo System Korea, Korail Tourism Development, Woojin, AllClean, GRTec, On the Chairman of the JPDC, NHIS, Hyundai C&R, Jaewoo, Chemical Solution, APharm, Each award.
The Prime Minister's award-winning in Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is relying entirely on imports of polyacetal domestic market was the first successful localization, since the current through continuous innovation activity of a single plant, the world's largest scale level of 145,000 tons production plants to retain 70% of the domestic market, 12% of the world market to supply the nation's top maker of polyacetal.
This performance is accompanied by a large-scale investment in additional capacity expansion of production lines and process equipment without the need for process improvement through innovation "De-bottlenecking" only to a level of 200% of the designed capacity by increasing production capacity as well as the size and quality of cotton prices Available in a case of world-class competitiveness was.
Trillion in sales in 2022 will continue to aim to wanting another innovation aspirations come true is said.
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