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Secondary Processing

Secondary Processing
titleAnnealing guide date2016-06-15

* Annealing guide


1. Definition

The annealing of plastics is a secondary processing procedure putting parts in the proper medium

under a certain temperature between the melting temperature(Tm) and the glass transition temperature (Tg),

then maintaining the temperature for a time before slowly cooling plastics down.

The mediums for heating include: liquid (water, oil, ethylene glycol, etc.) or air.

The condition of plastics annealing depends on the processing method (injection, extrusion, etc.),

and proper conditions have to be tailored to the purpose.


2. Effect

(1) Improves dimensional stability through acceleration of post-molding shrinkage.

(2) Improve crack resistance [Relaxing parts’ internal stress]

(3) Improvement for mechanical properties

(4) Improvement for heat resistance


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