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Test Method

Test Method
titleTest method for flame resistance of plastics date2016-05-24

* Test method for flame resistance of plastics


1. Outline

 Plastics employed using in fields such as automotive, electric & electronics, and construction face the risk

 of combusting by prolonged at high temperatures and contact with outside heat sources.

 To prevent combustion, flame-retardant materials have been developed.

 The UL method is a representative test for measuring the properties of flame retardant.

 This report contains an explanation about the UL test method and the Oxygen Index.


2. UL Test Method

 (1) Classification of UL tests for Plastics

     1) UL 94 : Standard for flammability tests of plastics materials for parts in devices and appliances

     2) UL 746A : Standard for polymeric materials - short-term property evaluations

     3) UL 746B : Standard for polymeric materials - long-term property evaluations

     4) UL 746C : Standard for polymeric materials - outdoor suitability

     5) UL 746D : Standard for polymeric materials - fabricated parts


* Please refer to the attached file below. 

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