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Mechanical Elements

Mechanical Elements
titleBearing Ⅰ- Sliding Bearing date2016-01-14

* Bearing Ⅰ- Sliding Bearing


1. Bearing

  1-1. Definition

         A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion and

         reduces friction between moving parts. A shaft attached to the bearing is called a journal.

         Heat due to friction arises in the bearing part and power loss occurs.


  1-2. Classification (By the way of contact)

       (1) Sliding bearing : There arises sliding friction and an oil film is formed by the lubricant between

                                             the journal and bearing.

       (2) Rolling bearing : There arises rolling friction in the moving bearing.


  1-3. Sliding Bearing and Rolling Bearing


2. Sliding bearing

  2-1. Forms of sliding bearing

      (1) Classification by the pressure retention method between the shaft and the bearing

           1) Hydrostatic bearing : relatively excellent rotational accuracy

           2) Hydrodynamic bearing

           3) Tilting pad bearing : combination of pad to control the pressure between the shaft and

                                                      the bearing

     (2) Classification by the fluid between the shaft and the bearing

         1) Oil bearing : It is divided into the cylindrical bearing, 2-lobe bearing, 3-lobe bearing, 4-lobe

                                     bearing, and the pressure dam bearing by the form of the internal diameter.

                                     (It is known that the pressure dam bearing is the best form of bearing.)

         2) Air bearing


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