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Mechanical Elements

Mechanical Elements
titleSnap-fit design date2015-08-19

* Snap-fit design


1. Snap-fit fashening

 (1) The Snap-Fit fastening method can simply fasten two components without additional component or

         a fastening instrument. Fastening force is generated by interaction between a latch and a groove.

 (2) Features of the Snap-Fit fastening method :

       1) Depending on the form of the latch at the joint, it can be designed to be disassembled or

             fixed permanently.

       2) If the materials of two components are completely different, such as different plastics or

             metals, this method can be applied.

       3) It can save cost as there is no additional component cost and the fastening time is relatively quick

             compared to that of other fastening methods.


* Please refer to below file.

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