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Case Study
titleKEPITAL(POM) Special weather resistance grades case study date2016-05-24

* Special weather resistanc grades case study of KEPITAL(POM)


KEPITAL weather resistance grades have excellent weather resistance properties while retaining

the normal properties of POM.

Grades for interior applications are used in various colors in addition to the basic natural color.

Grades for exterior parts have black-color improved weather resistance.


● Low gloss weather resistance grade : F20-52G, F30-52G (For interior parts)

● Impact modified weather resistance grade : F20-51U, F30-51U (For exterior parts)

● High toughness weather resistance grade : F10-52H

● Weather resistance, specific application grade : F20-52 LOF R05 (Automotive seat belt buttons)


* Please refer to attached file below.

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