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titleIntroduction of the CAE System date2015-08-25

* Introduction of the CAE System


  1. Introduction of the CAE System


The CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering) checks the performance, manufacturing process,

and suitability of materials for the models which is made by the CAD(Computer-Aided Design)in details.

It also can be a tool to optimize the design, a manufacturing process, and the material through its results.

By using this tool, it can predict the problems that can occur through the manufacturing process

(cost, molding troubles, etc.) and a product usage process (performance, design, etc.).

As such, it can both provide optimum design and minimal cost by cutting the development period.



The CAE offered by Korea Engineering Plastics (KEP) can be classified as molding analysis and

structural analysis, and can be applied according to the type of application.

Optimal design for molding can be determined by molding analysis.

Also, the number and spots of the gate, runner layout, and cooling lines can be optimized in mold design.

For a real production process, it can help to optimize the process (Cycle time, injection spec, etc.)

and increase yield. In particular, it is useful for solving and minimizing problems in the manufacturing

process (deformation, gas vents, weld lines, etc.).


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