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titleMaterial properties and theory for structural analysis (1) date2015-07-28

* Material properties and theory for structural analysis (1)


Though a technique might see continuous development, structural analysis can’t fully actual conditions.

Even loads and boundary conditions never perfectly match the actual test conditions.

As such, engineers mention that the results of the analysis have to be used as a reference and include

a variety of assumptions.
Can we do it roughly, then?

It's no different from giving up their capacity as an engineer.

Then how can we decrease the gap between actual status and analysis data?

The procedure of solving these worries could be the development process by all engineers from the person

who first introduced the CAE.

In addition, the inherent method to correlate structural analysis and actual test results of injection parts is to

determine how to input the properties of materials.

Accordingly, regarding the material properties for structural analysis, we would like to take a two-pronged

approach as detailed below.

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