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Design Guide
titleDesign guide of molding parts date2015-07-24

* Design guide of molding parts



(1) Basic Principles

One of the most important parts of tool design for injection molding is to keep a consistent wall

thickness of the product and as such every design must focus on stabilizing wall thickness.

This minimizes the troubles resulting from contraction during the injection molding process.

Therefore, it is important to remove any thick parts in the product while designing plastic products.

When deciding the basic thickness of the product, the designer should consider not only

the structure, function, and appearance, but also the influence on injection molding effectiveness

(injection pressure for tool stopping, cooling time, and extraction convenience from the tool).

Moreover, injection molding pressure level, speed, stiffness of the tool, and the resin’s flow path.

The common ground among the 4 factors to succeed at plastic product development

(resin, product design, tool design, and molding) is CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).

A developer can take advantage of CAE by simulating and evaluating the resin for its product and

tool design.

However, the key to success is to understand its limits and utilize the core value from it.

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