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Molding Guide
titleInjection molding principles of plastics date2015-07-24

* Injection molding principles of plastics



What is injection molding?

Most engineering plastics are being manufactured by injection molding and it is important to understand

both its procedures and precautions.
First, add the required colorants, stabilizers, plasticizers, and fillers to the plastic chips or pellets and put them

in a hopper. Inserted materials are melted in a heating cylinder with an appropriate temperature based on

its own individual characteristics. Then, inject the melted material into the mold by the screw.

Once the material fills the mold completely, the forwarded screw pulls back to its original position and the mold

is opened to collect the shaped part. To produce an optimal product, materials (resins), mold, injection molding

machine, and relevant equipment must to be well-prepared to be mutually supplementary.


* Please refer to the attached file below.

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