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Material characteristics - KEPEX

Material characteristics - KEPEX
titleCharacteristics of KEPEX (PBT, PET) date2015-08-21

* Characteristics of KEPEX (PBT, PET)


1. Outline

Polyester is a thermoplastic resin that has an ester functional group (-COO-) in the molecular chain

and is classified as a crystalline polymer.

Polyester has superior toughness, stiffness, fatigue, and chemical resistance properties.

KEPEX is the trade name for the polyester products of KOREA ENGINEERING PLASTICS Co., LTD.

KEPEX has two types of products, divided into PBT and PET.



The major characteristics of KEPEX are as follows:

- Good mechanical properties

- Good surface gloss

- Long-term dimensional stability with low water absorption

- Good wear properties

- Good chemical resistance

- Good electrical properties

- High stiffness by reinforcing glass fiber

- Good creep and fatigue properties

- Long-term high heat stability

- Good flammability by adding flame retardants


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