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Material characteristics - KEPAMID

Material characteristics - KEPAMID
titleHeat resistance of Polyamide66 (PA66) date2016-05-03

  * Heat resistance of polyamide66 (PA66)


1. Summary

  (1) The oxygen content of air is 20.9 % and most materials are easily oxidized when in contact with air.

  (2) Polymer radicals are formed by heat or mechanical shear stress in extrusion and injection molding

        and peroxy radicals are rapidly formed by oxygen and residual metal components.

  (3) Plastics become brittle or the MI of plastics decreases because of reaction of radicals.

        Also, the MI of plastics increases due to degradation rendering it hard to use.

  (4) Polyamide has the issue of discoloration and strength degradation when used at high temperatures

        for prolonged periods.

  (5) To solve these challenges, heat stabilizers (a type of inorganic inhibitor) and antioxidants are applied

         to polyamides.


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