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Material characteristics - KEPAMID

Material characteristics - KEPAMID
titleWeather resistance of plastics date2015-08-21

* Weather resistance of plastics


1. The main factor of plastics degradation in the atmosphere 

Plastics are damaged based on the duration of exposure under atmospheric environments.

The main factors are: light (intensity and amount), water (forms and amount/vapor, liquid, solid),

and temperature (pitch). The most important factor is ultraviolet rays of spectrums which consist

of solar power.

The spectrums which consist of solar power are as below.

Solar power reaching the surface of the Earth is from UVB to IRB. UVB is blocked in case of

penetrating the glass window.

The rate of UV from irradiation of solar power is small, around 6.8% but contains relatively high

energy, so it can break chemical bond of plastics.


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