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titleDevelopment of KEPITAL H100, a New Polyacetal Homopolymer date2016-10-18

 ▶ Development of KEPITAL H100, a New Polyacetal Homopolymer


* KEPITAL H100 is a new polyacetal homopolymer developed through long-term research and

      development by Korea Engineering Plastics., Inc. (KEP)


* KEPITAL H100 exhibits better wear resistance, creep resistance, and fatigue resistance properties

    as it was created through our own proprietary technologies.


* In addition, considering mechanical properties, KEPITAL H100 exhibits similar properties and better

   window process when compared to our competitor`s homopolymer.


* KEPITAL H100 can be applied to various fields such as gears, bushing, housing, roller, and conveyor belts.




 * Please refer to the attaced file below.


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